Machinimatrix machinima contribution …


As i was mentioned in the making of a machinima for an international film contest, and my Blog (yeah!!!) was linked, i feel like i need to add at least something here now. Hey, folks. Go and watch the contribution from my dear friend Hussayn Salomon, who was the producer of the film “In Memoriam“. The machinimatrix group definitely has got potential. I like, how they work and what they do. And i know, there is more to come. A music video is in the queue. And there will be more…

And what happened to me ? When i started this Blog quite a while ago, i thought i will do fashion. And i thought i will make shoes. But i ended up in making video tutorials about how to make 3D-objects for Second Life. All i can say for now, is that i have learned a lot since i started my Second life. And i am somehow proud to be the main creator of the machinimatrix blender tutorials.

facelight2 Besides this i have been working tightly with the machinima makers and i created a somewhat sophisticated face-light and an avatar speed-control-system. Both products are optimised for machinima making, but they can also be used in “every day virtual life” for fun and beautification. Both products are available for purchase, although i currently do not advertise much. If you are interesteed to know more, just visit my store in Second life or send me an IM. I always answer as long as the IM is not capped.

Keep up and tuned for more to come 😉


Jass fashion design born today

Welcome to my Blog. I am a new fashion designer working in Secondlife. My name is Gaia Clary. In this Blog i will frequently post my new Design work and other news about myself and my business.

You can find my secondlife shop in research center 204,139,32

You are welcome to visit my location at any time. You can find me often at my shop, usually working on one of my upcoming shoe models. I have added this following image of me standing in my shop right in front of my shoe model “Gaia I”. BTW, the shop is open right now and you allready can purchase immediately, if you like.

Preview on my upcoming shop

Also don’t hesitate to send me an IM, when you have suggestions, questions or complains. Usually i will respond within a short time. But if you don’t get an answer from me, just try it again, it might have been truncated by the SL IM servers. If nothing helps, you are free to contact me through my email account. You will find my account details in my shop.

hugs, Gaia